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Dodece said:
Be mindful to withhold judgment until the game gets closer to release. It is common practice in the industry to mandate a certain review score from third parties that obtain early access. The publisher can dictate to the reviewers, and it has happened quite often.

This is a classic trap that members fall into time and again. They rush to judge, because reviewers play ball with publishers. Then the game is released and a number of reviews arrive that pull the score down. The result is that sometimes a game that is highly acclaimed early on can end up with sub par averages.

Not saying this is the case, but it is always better to be safe then Sorry. Better to not set your expectations too high. There could still be a number of reviewers that are not enthralled by the game that have their mouths taped shut. In fact the longer it takes more reviews to appear the more likely this is the case.


The review embargo ended for every reviewer that got a copy of the review build, which included just about every damn website and magazines I can think of (including obscure Swedish and Croatian mags, just check the official thread).  The only exclusive review this game had was from OPM US.

Even now that Eurogamer and IGN have reviewed the game, people are still doubting.