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WHAT ON EARTH! it just keeps getting worse! no one is safe at MS!!!

@cool48, I agree, I was so sad when I heard it! i spent countless hours on AOE 2 and then AOE 3 training up and playing multiplayer! ensemble were my favourite dev team of all time!!! I have not played any one game by any one else for as long as them! and now they're gone!!! WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its so sad! what is microsoft really doing under all this because it doesnt make sence?

I have a question to for any one who might know the answer

Im worried, at the beginning of Fable and Fable 2 it plays that big microsoft logo. Is lionhead owned by MS? or are they a 3rd party and MS just publishes their game???

You know what this is like, nintendo ditching mario, or zelda, or samus!

I doubt any other team put together could make sequals to these MS games better then the ex MS studios.

If at first you don't succeed, you fail