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Kyros said:
lol quantity and quality.

God of War 3 vs. Onechanbara: Bikini Samurai Squad vs. Crayola Colorful World


 haha... you lolz, but you wont lolz when an RTS sells more copies then Sony's flagship FPS series and then an "add-on" totally crushes the number it put up over the year in a couple of weeks.  The "quality" you seem so fond of is mearly an illusion in your mind... Killzone 2 seems to have quality, but then if it didn't it would be shit on by everyone... the damn game has been in development for closing on 4 years when it gets released and they have been pumping money into it like crazy.  As for God of War 3... well we'll see... the series has done well, but the game play machanics are old and could use a little playing around with.