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Heavy Rain? MAG? GOW 3 will be realised in 2009, sorry to disapoint you. And you are comparing the game from 2008 with the game who hasn't been realised yet? Very smart.

GTA 4 HAS 20 HOURS OF GAMEPLAY?? Well thats for all i care. how long the game is. you know which game has alsoe more than 20 houres of gameplay? TETRIS. So be fast and buy one real quick.

HALO???Nuff said. Well if its HALO i am buying it 100% even when i dont own 360.

and yes November 7th 2008 is actually 2009. We all know Uncharted beats Gears of war in almost everything. Why dont you count Resistance 2 as PS3 title in 2009? or MGS4

- Even if you count resistance 2 that game is pure crap everyone knows it since that game is out, LOL

as for the rest of your post

LOL, you cant be serious.