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My reaction/thoughts (not in bold)

1. Digital downloads will not eliminate the need for discs anytime soon.

It has in music.

2. Having one clear standard is a big advantage.

True. Isn't that DVD?

3. Blu-ray isn't going to be replaced by another disc format anytime soon.

BRD is trying to replace a standard. It is not the standard.

4. Prices for large-screen HDTVs will continue to drop.

Maybe. But demand is so far down that the No. 2 US electronics retailer folded.

5. Prices for Blu-ray players will continue to drop.

Right now, they are almost as low as VCRs in the mid-1990s (mid $200 range)

6. Prices for Blu-ray discs will drop to near DVD price levels.

Near <> as low as

7. Sony will sell lots of PlayStation 3 game consoles.

They have not shown a propensity to do this so far.

8. Sony can't afford to have Blu-ray fail.

True. Not sure what it cano do about it.

9. Sony and its partners will figure out a way to have Blu-ray resonate with the public.

Partners like Samsung which is already talking about the advantages of Digital Downloads.


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