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That was an easy find. 

"Even better, the game will be fully online playable in addition to featuring a robust multiplayer mode. "My plan is to include Wi-Fi connection compatibility and online functionality. One of the primary reasons Super Smash Bros. Brawl was created was that Nintendo, when taking Wii online, wanted to have Smash Bros. to do that," added Sakurai."

 I think I'll go post this on Digg. A surprising amount of people seem to have let this slip under the radar. Ridiculous even.

 Don't worry, I won't be using this site as a mirror :p . I'm going to use IGN as a direct source.

By life end:

  • Wii- 100 million+
  • Xbox360- 35~40 million
  • PS3- 30 million
  • PSP- 30~32 million ------------- FAILURE
  • NDS- 85~90 million (Skeptical)  - FAILURE
  • NDS- 100 million+ (Optimistic) -- Success!