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Red Steel 2 Release Date: 15/11/07

Red Steel 2 has appeared earlier this year on several UK sites with a non specific release date (sometime in 2007). They have disappeared but the above points to a sudden/surprise release of the game.

Red Steel was a very flawed game, even from the early footage of it I knew it wasn't going to be great as much as I wanted to love it I couldn't. I have rented the game and will do so again. It is better than I expected, (because of the controls it draws you in) but the controls are un-responsive and very clumsy at times with rubbish sword fights.

Wii remote/nunchuck is perfect set up for a game like this (FPS) as many Metroid 3 owners will unanimously agree.

So if this is Red Steel 2, which I'm sure it is, it could be a AAA title absolutely guaranteeing Nintendo's dominance this Christmas and probably next year as well.

All eyes on that issue .......