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This really does look like a Red Steel 2 to me. I mean, IGN and other gaming sites reported that Ubisoft set out ads for Red Steel 2 shortly after the first was done, and Ubisoft themselves even hinted; if not outright said they'd have a sequel.

However, I don't think this is the big surprise Reggie was talking about. I believe the big surprise will be from Nintendo themselves.

I'm betting on external HD support with Neo-Geo to the VC.

By life end:

  • Wii- 100 million+
  • Xbox360- 35~40 million
  • PS3- 30 million
  • PSP- 30~32 million ------------- FAILURE
  • NDS- 85~90 million (Skeptical)  - FAILURE
  • NDS- 100 million+ (Optimistic) -- Success!