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I love innovation. When Steel Battalion came out... I bought it. day1. Waited in like for 6 hours for the thing. 200$ for a GAME/controller. Was it a great game? HELL YES. Did it sell well? no. Did it have a sequel? yes. online only BS. Anything else? no. That was my favorite thing on the x-box. Did I bash Steel Battalion for being expensive? For being a ripoff? no. It was almost a flawless game. If it came out agian on the x-box 360... I'd buy a 360, and the 200$ controller. Why do I... bash the wii? Two reasons. The Games. The Controllers. There are far too many games... that are horrible. Red Steel. Read what they say, not the numbers. If I wrote that. I wouldnt give it that score. http://www.gameinformer.com/NR/exeres/40DCCDF0-B9BD-4681-9B24-81631438F3C2.htm Elebits http://www.gameinformer.com/NR/exeres/89D593F9-9141-45CC-B97E-A4A4B4E9A96B.htm Super Monkey Ball (read what he says at the end about the controller) http://www.gameinformer.com/NR/exeres/D51AACA2-BD1D-4181-A9F6-7D405C9A895F.htm Wii Sports. I agree with what they say. And the rateing is right. Gameplay is there, but nothing else. http://www.gameinformer.com/NR/exeres/B3379624-0750-425C-B008-E0B737583C7D.htm Zelda:TP Best game out in probibally 3 months. period. http://www.gameinformer.com/Games/Review/200701/R06.1117.1525.10118.htm Tony Hawk (ouch) http://www.gameinformer.com/NR/exeres/BD895CE7-B10F-4A60-A566-16BA48BC0C9E.htm Excite Truck http://www.gameinformer.com/NR/exeres/3ADC4872-9031-4470-B5A3-36FBA1074CCB.htm COD3 http://www.gameinformer.com/NR/exeres/2F800E8A-1FA9-4128-BFF3-4A1147CB2B3A.htm Madden http://www.gameinformer.com/NR/exeres/AD3A36DF-BECC-4D3E-BAAB-6E2CCDF468E4.htm Super Swing Golf (second highest Wii Game rated by them) http://www.gameinformer.com/NR/exeres/7C642C00-79FD-4AA3-B099-867BB462B469.htm Sponge Bob http://www.gameinformer.com/NR/exeres/7343EE40-5008-4A0B-9310-A1B0F5801DE3.htm Dragonball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 2 http://www.gameinformer.com/NR/exeres/C22EF969-154B-48F3-A484-65FB52B61078.htm The Ant Bully http://www.gameinformer.com/NR/exeres/A1DA4FF3-87D5-467E-AD66-0686782350BF.htm Dont look at the scores. See what they say about the games. Read them. I understand TC:SO is not reviewed. I'll leave it as one of the best for the Wii. Notice what they get hung up on, on most of the games. The Controls. (normally how horrible they are, and how they wish they could use normal controllers) The Graphics. Sub PS2. The Sound. Laughable. (why I dont know. crappy games I guess) You say their biased? Look at the 10 they gave Zelda. they Gave GoW a 9.5 and Resistance a 9.5. Meaning the only x-mas launch game that got a 10.0 was zelda. They LOVED the controls on Zelda. I did too. But 3 games worth buying out of 15... is NOT what makes me want to buy a console. I can go to the store, put a blindfold on, grab a PS3 game at random, and have a 50% chance of getting a game that will be alot of fun, without alot of problems. (not saying a AAA game. just a 7+ game) Do I like the Wii? let's talk about the Wii alone. 250$ is steep for it. It's graphics are comparble to the GC. Infact. the best looking game on the Wii, looks the exact same on the GC. The GC, had the worst graphics of last gen. I dont feel it's worth more than 150$. I love the controller. Besides the fact that when I'm playing 'horizontal' the controller hurts my hands due to the way you have to hold it. Now let's get to the meat of any system. The games. The Wii has about 4 games worth buying imo. Zelda, Trauma Center, and Rayman, and the Super Golf. As for the others. FarCry. Nintendo should have drawn the line and said NO. RedSteel. Nintendo should have drawn the line and said NO. (I got migranes playing that game. My wife couldnt watch me play it for more than 2 minutes on my 40inch screen before haveing to LEAVE THE ROOM) Let's let the bad games not sell and call it even. The average game is slighly below average. Let's get to online. I logged onto my wii, and spent 20 minutes hooking it up to the internet. (WiFi... duh) I logged onto my PS3 and spent 5 minutes hooking it up to the internet. (WiFi... 60gb baby) I log onto the Wii Store. I see about 15 games... most of wich I have never heard of on the VC. I log onto the PS3 store. I find 3 games. They all look like a low budget, modern game that has innovative gameplay. At 9.99$ how can you go wrong? (there are sales when they go to 5.99 sometimes) I log onto the internet. The Wii didnt have it when I got it. The PS3 has a multi window brouser, that is firefox, so it runs very well, and is widely supported across the Web. I downloaded a OPERA BETA for my Wii. Either the text is so small I cant read it because it's SD, or it's so big, it anoys me, and shows almost none of the website. If the website is formatted right. OPERA is not widely supported. And in 6 months you have to buy that browser. (Wii Parade is defective too) What's to come. Sony is comply updating their UI, and ability to do things simultaneously as well as other, enhanced features. Nintendo... Really dosent say much. But what has been pried from the goats mouth... makes me sad. The Online support for the Wii uses the buddy code. The buddy code has to be exchanged with both users before they can communicate on the Wii. I think you can only have around 20 buddy codes on your system. (only 1 user per system as well) So if your playing online... With random people... like you... play online... games... *duh* you can only communicate with 20 people... out of the 25,000 people playing that game at that moment... ... if all 20 people on your buddy list... is on. Meaning a game like COD would never work on the Wii. (online) I have read in many places. online play on the DS is like playing agianst a SUPER hard/aggressive computer. I have read in just as many places... Nintendo plans on cloneing that system on the Wii. VERY BAD. I am not a child. I drink hard liquor, and am old enough to almost have a kid who would want a Wii. (I dont have any kids... I hate kids...) LET ME TURN THAT CRAP OFF. I dont need to be protected. And Let me go to refrence multiplatform. Like someone mentioned in another thread. The PS2 is going to be around for another 2 or 3 years. Games for the PS2 will probibally be ported to the Wii. As a PS3/360 game... cant really be ported. Especially after this x-mas, as more advanced shaders/lighting will be in use, and a game optimized to use those... WONT work without them. (look at FarCry for PC, and FarCry for Wii... it's going to get worse) And if you think they will make a game for the Wii, and upgrade it for the big boys... your wrong. It dont work that way. So the PS2 and the Wii will be... Multiplatform buddys... and the PS3 and 360 will be buddys. A game optimized for the PS2... Wont work on a wii... the controlls will be all funky. The only multi-plat that I like for the Wii is rayman... and Zelda... wich isnt really isnt one. I dont see many multiplatform games being worth their weight on the Wii. Moral of the story, and this is what everyone is saying why it's the end of the PS3. A game HAS to be made for the Wii. It HAS to be graphically optimized for the Wii. it HAS to have decent sound. (work on it you idiots, there was great sound on PS1 games. I know you can do it on a WII) It HAS to have GREAT CONTROLS. a Game for the Wii can NOT be built around the controller, but more, the controller warped to control the world. This is the hardest thing to do on a game. The controls make and break games across all platforms. The Wii is 10x harder to have the great controls for. I don't see games coming with those specifications coming in the next year. Besides possibly Metroid Prime, and Mario. I dont know how much SSB will use the wiimote... As if they stray from the tried and proven gameplay... I probibally... wont like it. I thought it was a VERY good console, despite it's problems... until I got my PS3. Then I thought. Crap the 360 is even more refined than this. the Wii is truely crap. I'm hopeing games start comming for the wii that offers use of the Wiimotes AND the retro controller. (or allow you to use your GC controllers) Let me list my favorite things about the Wii and why I am sad for it. Zelda. Holy crap. Wow! Rayman. I havent had that much fun with my wife in forever. (she dosent play many games, and I got her to play that one so it made a average game, alot more fun. But if I got it for the PS2, it would've been the same story) The Wiimotes have alot of potential. I just hope it's seen before the PS3's fall/winter titles plow it over. :)

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