Diomedes1976 sony always uses shipped. You are just looking for reasons to complain. If they report shipped and vgchartz has sales as higher then of course it has to be adjusted. If they report shipped and vgchartz is slightly below well then that makes perfect sense. Use your brain.

Ioi really needs to make some comment about this though. If the 1.3million is shipped then that is a truly massive error between vgchartz sales and these figures. They need to clarify Kaz's statement and check their own figures. If the sales were out this much well it would certainly change my view that at the very least vgchartz can be used as a rough figure =/. Im hoping the 1.3million is just online accounts or something. 1.8m sold versus 1.3m shipped is a massive discrepency.

Oh and also PSN numbers always include PSP. So of the 17million a huge % is PSP users, not PS3.

Turkish says and I'm allowed to quote that: Uncharted 3 and God Of War 3 look better than Unreal Engine 4 games will or the tech demo does. Also the Naughty Dog PS3 ENGINE PLAYS better than the UE4 ENGINE.