Its clear Kaz refered the hours of play time for single users if he was to play all the user-created levels .

As for the sales ,it could very well be official sales data from december ....we could still add some 2 weeks of sales to round it up with vgchartz data .

Or maybe vgchartz has it overtracked ,I have the feeling this happens lots of time and we only get some correction from time to time when someone gives some official data on a big title or the Top Ten NPD data show strong discrepancies (as with Gears of War 2 ) or someone points it out about a cult but niche title as with Valkyrie Chronicles ...well you must know by now I am not too fond about the site software sales data as for accuracy if even the top ten sometimes have massive discrepancies I imagine what can happen with games on the 50-200 range.But I am disgressing .

With Sony its usually like this .They give some data that show the game is a bit overtracked ,its brought down in the charts .They give some data that shows the game is undertracked (as with MS:Pacific Rift) and we assume its shipped and dont change a thing.Its a no-win situation really.