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@ seece: Well, what I have to say, is... >_> :p

Here is what IGn had to say:

Talks about LittleBigPlanet as great example of Sony's PSN flexibility in motion. Says 1.3 million people playing LBP.

So it could very well be in connection to PSN. We'd need the actual transcript or the vid to see / hear what he actually said.

Possible he meant online. LBP is a very online orientated game. That would mean 72+% of the total people that have bought LBP would have had to have played online though ...


You find it hard to believe that 72% of the games audience has played the game online?

That really isn't that hard to believe seeing as how the game automatically connects to the online server when the game is turned on, provided of course that you made a PSN account. So you don't really choose to go online, your always online.


If that is true, then there must be something wrong with what someome has quoted, or been quoted on.... because 17,000 hours of play is a tiny tiny amount for 1.3 million people. In fact it is only about 10 seconds each.



If I were to play ALL the communnity levels, then I would spend 17,000 hours on the game.   It's not that everyone together has spent 17,000 hours on it.