sinha said:
dougsdad0629 said:

In other words, despite how many systems your site has tracked being sold, how many have been to UNIQUE users?


So... I own and use two 360s... therefore the second one DOESN'T COUNT, because it was not sold to a UNIQUE user? 


Okay vgchartz data collectors, please -1 360 sale.





The problem is that redundant users still only buy 1 person's worth of software.  This might partially explain why we keep reading articles about how this or that developer has made more money off of their PS3 version of a game vs. their 360.  Then again, those articles might have nothing to do with redundancy at all.  Your situation is different.  You use both your 360s.  I'm talking about people who buy 1, it breaks and then instead of getting it fixed for FREE, they instead buy another 1 for $200 or more.

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