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kirby007 said:
leo-j said:
PS3 will make the biggest comeback in gaming history, if its price is cut by $100

quote me on it.

I don't think they can beat what the xbox 360 showed us this year


PsP did a far bigger comeback (Japan) than the X360 did...

I don't think the Ps3 will make a huge comeback though, but as there aren't really that many in this industry (unless you count Wii...), then it has a chance.



And Zleep...

"Instead of calling it predictions for 09, this thread should have been called wishes for 09. Moat of what it has been written here has 0.001% chance of happening. It's better to wait and see, predicting without having a proper idea of what you are saying is like playing the lottery and expecting to win."


Well, it's fun - isn't that what matters? I enjoy doing this, and I'll be happy as a Magicarp if my predictions come true. I have some reasoning, and if that works - hooray! If it doesn't... Well too bad. I think most of my predictions have a decent chance of comming true, and even if they don't, it will be interesting to mess up like hell and learn from it.

I mean, that's what life's all about, right? Learning and having fun. Well, here you get them both at once! Cheers.

That is VGChartz LONGEST review. And it's NOT Cute Kitten DS