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Rofl, you're throwing things I'm telling you back at me..? Those tears seem to be clouding your judgment.

But on a serious note, if your "main stance" is M$ builds shit and flings propaganda, what about Sony and their "4D graphics" and "only can be done of PS3" garbage? Did you read the last 3 spins from NPD? Read M$ and Ninty, then read Sony's. Isn't your main stance sort of ironic, not to mention extremely bias? So much for a "main stance."

NOTHING'S going to change the fact that you have such pure hatred for M$ and constantly bash the 360, but you don't even own one, you had no idea what NXE even did.

And you obviously must care what I think, you keep responding, and when I didn't respond, you taunted me to. So yeah, u mad son??

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