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Loud_Hot_White_Box said:
Infamous said:


lol, he's just mad. He probably cries at night because X360 won console of the year. Crymoar imo.


Good insults. /sarcasm

What, is it hard to keep arguing with your teeth kicked in?  (figuratively)


What are you talking about ROFL. You mad over there at 3rd place? "gRRRRRRRRRRR" LOL.

You make random assumptions, such as debt is getting smaller? ROFL, even some of the most bias PS3 fanboys on this site admit it's increasing, and the economy isn't helping one bit. Loss of every PS3 sold? Laying off 10,000 workers on another division? etc? Why do you think there's tons of negative press for PS3? Because it get's outsold by 360 2:1 ratio weekly? ROFL. It's a whole bunch of other things.

The only other thing you're whining about is how you'll keep saying PS3's are quieter and cooler until you see NXE firsthand. Like I care what you think over the majority of people who actually know their shit on this site? Another desperate troll, who completely bashes one system and yet admits multiple times he doesn't own one to even know better.

u mad son?!  DMeisterJ, if you read this, post the Camron pic plx0r.

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