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Loud_Hot_White_Box said:
Infamous said:
Loud_Hot_White_Box said:
Infamous said:

Yeah, ALL 360's are affected by NXE, lol. It's just newer models are better off the bat. Wow, for someone that has such hate against M$, you sure don't know anything about them.


First, I made the name when it was true. Second, I'll judge for myself when I listen/feel one. I hereby declare that if a 360 is 1 decibel louder than PS3 or 1 degree Fahrenheit hotter, I LOL. Third, Jesus Christ that revolutionary software change took them forever. Glad it allows y'all to crow about it. I bet the $1billion loss due to RRoD is still understated, however. Fourth, when MS does something good such as...make their hardware better, I consider it a good thing. It's the opposite, the lack of quality, that was (sorry, is) the bad thing.


Your declaration is wrong, but you're allowed to be in denial until you actually see for yourself. Maybe go vist a friend who has a 360.

Also, 1bil loss that was made up a long time ago < 3.50bil debt Sony's in and getting deepr ever more so (lol@all the media negative PS3 threads).

l0L ?


The debt's getting smaller, not bigger. It grew out of R&D and initial loss per console rates. So you are wrong.

Yes, LOL at all the media negative PS3 threads.

Any comment on MS taking their sweet time with this coolness/quietness uber fix? LOL, maybe they would have saved some RRoD's by getting on it earlier. I'm suggesting of course that the fix doesn't help prevent hotness/RRoD because if it did I find it hard to believe that MS wouldn't find a way to implement it earlier.

And yes, it's eminently reasonable to assume PS3 is quieter and such until hearing otherwise firsthand. Given the two company's hardware track record, and all.


You're obviously not familiar with 'the formula'...