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Infamous said:

Yeah, ALL 360's are affected by NXE, lol. It's just newer models are better off the bat. Wow, for someone that has such hate against M$, you sure don't know anything about them.


First, I made the name when it was true.  Second, I'll judge for myself when I listen/feel one.  I hereby declare that if a 360 is 1 decibel louder than PS3 or 1 degree Fahrenheit hotter, I LOL.  Third, Jesus Christ that revolutionary software change took them forever.  Glad it allows y'all to crow about it.  I bet the $1billion loss due to RRoD is still understated, however.  Fourth, when MS does something good such as...make their hardware better, I consider it a good thing.  It's the opposite, the lack of quality, that was (sorry, is) the bad thing.