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EvilChronos said:

This is the easiest way for sony to win. 3 simple things that could win it all for them. They know it, we know it, microsoft and nintendo know it but for some reason it STILL has not happened. Heres hoping for next year...

1. Complete software driven backwards compatibility for all ps2 and ps1 games. "that means downloading patches and updates that let u play ps2 and ps1 games for those who dont know".

2. A ps3 80 gig model bundled together in 1 box with Little big planet, dual shock controller, hdmi cable. All for the reasonable price of 299.99.

3. Stop production of the ps2. "the ps3's biggest competitor/enemy is its own brother"

Those 3 very simple and not to god awfully expensive things would certainly catapult sony into 1st place within a year of these things being done/released. So the question is why doesnt sony just bite the bullet on this one and do it. They would certainly make up the money in the end plus some. They were so scared with the money they were loosing with the ps2 "for atleast the first 4 years" for the price they sold it at but they made it back in the end plus way, way more.

Sony plz figure it out before it is too late and u start loosing developers cause its just not worth it to publish on your system.


1.  Yep, software emulation when the PS2 has higher memory bandwidth than PS3.  That will happen.  And it won't be expensive to research at all.

2.  Yep, Sony can afford to lose billions more on the PS3... lets do it.

3.  Yep, snuff out one of the only bright spots - revenue wise for the gaming division.  You know, because people who are just now getting around to buying a PS2 for 129 totally have the resources and inclination to by a system that (even at your price) is over twice as much with 1/100th the library.

Yep, Sony (a multi-billion dollar corporation) has never considered this strategy, but one lone champion on the internet has it... if only Sony weren't so shortsighted.

Yep, none of us have ever taken economics before.  Amazing, I have a masters degree (soon to be doctorate), but I never took a single economics class.







 EDIT:  And, in case my response sounds harsh, let me put it another way....

I OWN a PS3, and I have no desire to see it orphaned by a bankrupted Sony.

EDIT EDIT:  I'd buy a dozen!!!