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Euphoria14 said:
Many people on this thread better hope things do not turn around.

If so, expect a shit storm and tons of crow eating. Be ready, because it has happened all too many times before.

360 was getting beaten last Holiday season and for 35+ straight weeks, but people kept saying "it will change". Now PS3 gets beaten this Holiday season and probably for a while after, yet it is all over now?

You've gotta love how that works.

Also, the fact people want doom for a company that has brought top notch gaming and expanded the gaming audience over the last 12+ years is just sad... fucking sad.

Why is this so hard to understand? Sony as a company is in trouble. It's not that people want the PS3 to fail, at least I don't, it's about facing the reality. Unless Sony can do something miraculous, or unless the exchange rates change to favor Sony, they can't afford a price cut anytime soon. There are serious concerns that Sony, the whole company, is going to lose money. They don't have great reserves of cash, unlike MS. The reason people kept saying "it will change" about the X360 was because MS could afford to cut the prices. It seems very unlike that Sony can do the same, or if they do that they will likely have to finance the price cut with loans.

Why should Sony risk the financial security of the entire company to lower the prices of the PS3? That's the question that I'd like all Sony fanboys to answer. How could Sony regain what they already have invested, pluse the new investments needed to lower the price?