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Infamous said:
madskillz said:
Fellow PS3 owners - defend all you want, but face reality. Sony - not the MSM or anyone else - were the fools who said 6 million would buy it without games. Sony was the one who said the BC was a core value in the PS brand. The current PS3 was pimped in order to win the HD format war. That's it. Sure, they thought about gaming, but the ads that I saw advertising the PS3 mentions Blu Ray first - and some mention games.

You can cut it, slice it any way you want - close your eyes and go to your happy place and tell yourself over and over and over again that it's just the dumb media writing stories that are just bad-bad-bad and bashing your beloved console. Take your worries, anxieties and rants to Starbucks and $4 bucks and get some coffee.

You shouldn't try and defend your console. You paid for it because you felt it was worth it. That's awesome, but realize, no matter how hard you budge, so folks will not feel the love you have for your console. Some see it as a glorified Blu Ray player. Some see it as a video game system, but a lot more see currently see it as an expensive machine that is on par - if not behind - a $199 console.

You can try your best to shove your view down folks' throats - ignore the financial statements and say 'It could never happen - the PS3 is here to stay - but like anything - Sony is awesome at orphaning underperforming devices/formats (Sony PS2 HD, BetaMax, ATRAC, Walkman MP3, Sony Connect music site).

It's not about gamers, fanboys or even haters - it's about keeping the investors happy. If they can't do that, they will listen when the investors either demand that Sony cut its losses and start fresh - and just revive the PS2.

It's about making money - and these articles are damning and will make investors question the direction of the PS brand. You may ignore them but believe you me - their investors are reading them and will ask some tough questions.


This. Point. End. Period.

Did someone a few comments up just say.. dare I say it.. that M$ owns CNN..? LMFAO. It just get's better and better..


To whom it may concern: Joke.