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At the early stages of Original playstation


3:06 "Sony does ALL it can to Round up 3rd party devs"

Ask yourself a question why would suddenly all 3rd party devs flock to SONY playstation when systems that were avalabile to the market like the Sega 32X,Atari Jaguar,PC-FX,3DO Interactive Multiplayer,Amiga CD32,Sega Saturn,Nintendo 64

Don't you think its strange that 3rd party Devs leave ESPECIALLY nintendo in the dust to favor SONY?

i don't know all baout you guys but something seems very strange here 3rd party devs don't suddenly go and run to a unproven system at the time to make exclusive games for it.

I really wanna hear your thoughts about this..


Playing Assassin's Creed and Resident evil 5 <3

I dont want to be fanboy anymore...Why? it takes to much work but i will call on ppl on there B.S!!!:)