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docholliday said:

"And the problem for Sony isn't the recession, it's the PS3."

"It's the most expensive console on the market, $150 - $200 more than its rivals. Even if you believe the video game industry is "recession-proof" (it isn't), a tanking economy makes consumers more price-conscious"

Anyone else see how contradicting those 2 statements are?? And from reading everyone's posts the majority opinion seems to be the price being the major issue, which I tend to agree with. The mediocre game library arguement is just ignorant as almost everything is goin multiplatform anymore and all 3 consoles have good exclusives.

The author fails to even mention the real reason why sales are down from last year, and really the only reason. The economy has gone to shit and microsoft made a killer price drop at the right time. Now consumers are looking at 2 consoles that offer a very similiar experience but are at 2 drastically different price point. You can get a 360 as low as $199(which I am aware doesnt account for all sales before someone says it) while your entering price on a ps3 is $399. Even a pro is $299 which is still $100 cheaper.

Now ask yourself if your strapped for extra cash and had to choice in these times between the two which would you buy? I think to the mainstream consumer its the 360 obviously. Regardless of what hardware advantages the ps3 might come with out the box (wi-fi,bluetooth,media card readers) price point is whats the major push in such terrible economical times.

The statements are contradicting. They're colaborating.

The argument is that the Playstation 3 is just too pricey for what it's offering, and sales are starting to show it. If it was just the recession, then why are video game sales up 20% against November last year, and Nintendo recorded the best November for a console. Ever. ? So it's more than a recession forcing people to spend less (because they're spending more). They are just chosing to spend it on something other than the overpriced (compared to other systems) PS3.


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