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@ Flame -

The issue is that this has been 3+ years in the making.

Sony could have prevented this kind of disaster, but chose not to.

They could have:
- Threw away the Cell/Mobo designs and opted for a more affordable model
- Not banked on 'We can sell 5 million Playstation 3's without a game'
- Made inroads with 3rd parties as opposed to pushing them away (Sound familiar to Nintendo in the mid 90's?)
- Cut prices and taken the billion dollar losses (not recommended, but would save the gaming division)

This is entirely Sony's fault. Not the Playstation family. Not the market. Not the developers. Not *even* the system in, and of, itself. It's entirely came down to what Sony wanted to do - push something that the average Playstation fan wanted.

Back from the dead, I'm afraid.