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The CNN article is spot on in all 3 points really.

It's increasingly my view that Sony should discontinue the PS3 and refocus this gen on the PSP (only because the handheld is at least half way successful and probably profitable per hardware unit sold too).

Then they can buy themselves time to learn lessons from the PS3 disaster, stop the massive losses in the console business and if they are so inclined, launch a PS4 that actually has a chance at being profitable and successful in the same way as the PS2 was.

I am largely platform agnostic. I fail to understand why some people get overly fanboyish about what is an inanimate piece of electronics that's obsolete even before it's launched, when there are far more important things to champion, such as preventing environmental destruction or preventing millions of people dying unnecessarily from illnesses. This fact however, doesn’t mean I am not someone who doesn’t enjoy gaming as a pastime (as I have done for the last 20 years) or doesn’t have a strong interest in how the market is evolving – hence my presence on this site.

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