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yeah but theirs no drawback for the ps3, even if they improve the games twice as much on the ps3,people who own models from 5 years ago would still be able to buy and play it. but if PC games improve twice as much, against lets say crysis, theyd be cutting off a lot of customers who have older pc hardware
sure the hardware costs the same, but that doesnt change the fact that youll have to buy new hardware. and if pc gaming improve too much too fast, people would need to buy newer hardware again. thats what i meant as one of the reasons they cant improve pc gaming that much that fast.
Yes - but it's the same hardware. The only performance gains you can expect are optimizations. PC gaming will not only enjoy optimizations on existing hardware, but performance gains on new hardware - something that no console can enjoy. this, i dont know what this means >.. Never saw the angry German kid. Link? I guess it's funny... I don't know much about Korea except they game mainly with PCs and that Starcraft is the official religion (jk). Again, I would love to see PC gaming numbers - we hardly have any of that information anywhere!