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."You are also forgetting that the development will cost a lot more for the PS3 as well - it doesn't only apply to PC game development" yeah but theirs no drawback for the ps3, even if they improve the games twice as much on the ps3,people who own models from 5 years ago would still be able to buy and play it. but if PC games improve twice as much, against lets say crysis, theyd be cutting off a lot of customers who have older pc hardware " Additionally, an increase in processing power does not mean higher hardware costs. The cost remains the same." sure the hardware costs the same, but that doesnt change the fact that youll have to buy new hardware. and if pc gaming improve too much too fast, people would need to buy newer hardware again. thats what i meant as one of the reasons they cant improve pc gaming that much that fast. "What that tells you is PC game developers are also just beginning to come to terms with the extra processing power that 64 bits allows, and are just beginning to understand how to, and toimplement, games that actually make use of multicore technology. If developers say that Motorstorm only utilizes 30% of the cell, you could arguably say the same thing about PC gaming. Therefore, you can expect the same leaps and bounds for PC gaming." this, i dont know what this means >.

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