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Yeah, can't blame console gamers either trying to defend their console purchase by getting seconds from the PC gaming industry, or how consoles are forever playing catch-up with PCs, or how they continually neglect the fact that a console's hardware does not evolve, while PC gaming hardware is always improving in every single aspect, from screen resolutions to processing power, so even if future console RTSs and FPSs are even better than their PC equivalents, it is only a matter of (a very short) time before the PC smokes the consoles again.

Edit: Take, for instance, the much-glorified "HD" of this generation. PC gamers have been gaming in HD for a good while. It's really nothing new but rather "been there, done that" for them. While now console gamers are going gaga over this, PC gamers have been able to enjoy 2560x1600 for at least five years now.