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um hi again. it's been a couple months since the last version, but i'm back with the new and improved sling ball game :b. please note that this is still not the final version (the final build will probably come sometime in may, which is the month the project is due.)

for my senior project, i chose to make a computer game. i'm making this with the lite version of game maker. i have been working on it for about a couple months now.

heres where to download it:;13223114;/fileinfo.html

it has sound

there is now a overview map where you can replay older levels (to try to get at par for a perfect score) the levels will be red for not compleated, blue for compleated, and gold for perfect (making par)

how to play: left click on the blue ball on the yellow area, pull the ball back, and let go to trow the ball. you can throw more than one ball, but you can't interact with a ball once you throw it. try to get on of the balls into the black hole to goto the next level.


tell me what you think of it.

come try out the computer game i've been working on for my high school senior project, titled sling ball.


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