Ok...so the guy who gave this 3.2 at IGN is a complete douchebag.

I played this tonight and this game is perfectly enjoyable and actually quite fun.

Visuals are kinda meh on an HD TV...but considering everything is outdoors with a large draw distance...and the fact that the main character runs super fast without a framerate hickup...they are quite respectable.

Everything else is on par to a 7/10 game.

I love the parry/evade system. If attack is blue you push rb to parry, if its orange you push lb to evade. And then you follow it up with an attack that does like 4X the damage.

The magic system is also implemented very nicely. Simple yet effective...

Most importantly the game is fun, if this had a 2 played co-op, this would be a must buy for action fan games. As it stands now, no one should hesitate to make this a weekend rental.

And further proof with the IGN 3.2/10 review of this game...IGN sucks b%&s