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king_of_the_castle said:
If this turns out to be a good game, then I hope it does go to PS3, for the same reasons I hope MGS4 comes to 360, people should get to enjoy games regardless of their console choice.

Then you think Final Fantasy XIII and Versus XIII should go to the 360 as well?

I seriously don't like that idea at all. If you cancel out 3rd party exclusives it changes the entire gaming market and for the worse. All games then don't get the time required to fully utilise the consoles capabilities. Even if the 360 gets MGS4, it will not be the same experience that the PS3 version offers because specific games are bulit using a specific hardware and ports simply don't get the time put into them.

Yes I do

The flip side of that coin, is a bigger fanbase, meaning that the franchise makes more money, meaning a bigger budget for the next game in the series, thus a better game. Plus, not all ports are watered down from the original, most of the time the port looks better, and the second console gets a few extras that make up for having to wait longer for it to come to the system. Also, there is very little difference between the PS3 and 360 performance wise, whatever is done with sixaxis can be done with a slightly different control scheme, if the game doesn't fit on one disk, they can always use more (they did this with the original MGS, and I don't remember hearing people complain). I could see your argument more if we were talking about porting Wii games, since they are based around a controller that isn't available on the 360 or PS3


I can see where you are coming from but the argument is m00t. The odds of Final Fantasy XIII and Versus XIII being ported to the 360 are practically 0%.

I actually had a long argument on this that I ended up deleting because it's a pointless argument. 3rd party exclusivitity will always be there, as Microsoft and Capcom have done with Dead Rising, Lost Planet and Namco with Ace Combat 6 among many more 360 exclusives not coming to the PS3. That is a double edged sword.

As for the 360 fans tooting fanbase, get a clue. The 360 system has been out for over 2yrs and only has just over 10mil sales. That is not great hardware sales, not at all.