Smashchu said:
king_of_the_castle said:
If this turns out to be a good game, then I hope it does go to PS3, for the same reasons I hope MGS4 comes to 360, people should get to enjoy games regardless of their console choice.

Very trrue. The problem arises though as this would only make more work for the developer. It all comes down to would it be profiable enough. Gamers never win with big buisness.

I agree 100%, but I think it's the console maker's job to give 3rd parties the reason to develop for their consoles, by providing a large userbase and good tools and support to make games, so that developing for each console is profitable.  I stated in another thread that this is why I think Sony is getting some lesser quality ports, b/c the userbase and dev time isn't giving developers enough budget / time to make quality ports right now, so I think the work suffers.

 Anyways, this is just my ideaology, but I'm an optimist, I know that not all great games will go multiplatform, but it would be nice for people who don't care to own every console every generation.

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