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Why wouldn't they do this? It would make alot of sense and there is a possibility that she was talking about "Timed" exclusives. So that way they can work on the most powerful consoles version first and then go and work on porting it out to xbox or the wii. Obviously with the problems they are having now cross programming GTA4 on both systems has pushed back the release of GTA4 where if they had focused on just one system they would still have their game out for this fiscal year. Had MS not pushed all that money at them to have a simultaneous release with the PS3 they would have pushed out the PS3 version first.

Would this make sense? To me, yes. Then they would worry more about making the game as perfect as possible without having to cut things out just to make multi-platform releases at the same time. And this would be a huge boon to Sony if it is true. This could be something that would help push sales of the PS3 and they and many others feel that the PS3 will pass the 360 within a year or so and would make more sense to have exclusives to the PS3.

And to think that SE would go MS exclusive is just silly. Even though it would improve numbers in Japan, it wouldn't push sales that much to make up the lost profits they would have by making PS3 games.


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