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Kasz216 said:
jhlennon1 said:
mrstickball said:
If Sony gets R* then MS gets Square-Enix.

I am certain that Sony would be more interested in Square Enix then they would be in R*.

I really can't see this being true, I am sure R* have 1 Sony Exclusive coming up but that will be about it. As for SE and MS... LOL.


Maybe if SE stopped being retarded and started realizing that 360 owners want their RPG's too.

I can assure you that the 360 will not be getting a top class SE RPG exclusive until it's Japanese user base grows. Until that happens, their best Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest games will never appear on a Microsoft system. We will see how Last Remnant sells and then I am sure SE will consider it, until then, forget it because it is not happening. The 360 may also get Star Ocean but even that is doubtful majority of that series sales are from Japan, rendering putting the game on the 360 pointless.

That's the sad part.  Microsoft needs a top class RPG to get the Japanese Userbase.  If I were then I'd thorw loads of money at SE for an exlcusive RPG.

The thing is, even if MS threw millions of dollars at Square Enix and secured Dragon Quest X for example, how many do you think are going to buy a Xbox 360 for just 1 game? Not many. The game would sell a few consoles, but no where near enough to justifying the millions it would require to make it happen. They need more then one title that appeal to Japan, Blue Dragon was a good start but MS needs to keep it up and eventually Japan will change their current negative view regarding the 360.

That is my take on it anyway. The same stands for the Sony and the PS3 right now. Just Final Fantasy XIII is not enough, that is why Sony are releasing more titles that appeal to Japan as well and together they can make a difference.