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Saiyar said:
Sqrl said:
Its a very very passing comment and they say in the podcast it was an announcement from rockstar.

Looking back at recent rockstar stories there was an announcement of a single new IP that would be coming exclusively to the PS3 but thats it. In the podcast one of the guys speculates by saying something to the effect of "So it sounds like it must be all new games not in development yet since we already know GTA IV is going to both..".

Right now I am thinking someone read the announcement wrong, and then they added a twist to it while trying to make sense of it.

It is around 51.00. The transcript is

Woman: R* is going to be PS3 exclusive from now on so I know you guys were looking for those exclusive games so you might just get them.

Guy1: nice, do they mention any titles in their anouncemnet?

Woman: Not any specific titles, they mention GTA but they didn't mention the current one, cause we all know GTA IV is going to both.

While I would rather have more sources this podcats is pretty conclusive in what it says.

 Full EXACT transcript:

Woman: "Well to change the pace a bit, I've got some Sony news.  Apparently Rockstar  is going to be P-S-3 exclusive from now on.  So I remember that you guys were looking for those exclusive games so you might just get'em."
Guy 1: "
Nice, did they uhh..mention any ...uhh... any titles in their announcment? "
Woman: "
Uhm, not any specific titles, they mentioned GTA but they ...didn't mention ..the current one, cause uh we all know GTA IV is going to both, but I guess maybe future titles that are..that are in the works are gonna be just PS3."
Guy 1:
"Ooh, that could be interesting.."
Guy 2:
<laughs> "Lets just hope its not Rockstar presents Waterpolo"
Guy 1:
<high pitched> "Noooooooooo!"
Guy 1: "
Although that could be an angry game and that should be...going to the Xbox 360."
Guy 2/Woman:
Guy 1: "
I'm gonna write a letter..."

then they go on to rockband..... 

 Note what the "Guy 2" says though. And notice they said there was an announcement.

Now look at these recent rockstar announcments....


It is pretty clear to me they are talking about R*'s new franchise not ALL rockstar games from now on.  To get that kind of support from a 3rd part company you have to buy them.  No company is going to latch itself onto any company like you are suggesting. They would be taking all the risk with all the big benefit going to sony and would effectively be limiting themselves indefinitely. 


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