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ClaudeLv250 said:
jhlennon1 said:
mrstickball said:
If Sony gets R* then MS gets Square-Enix.

I am certain that Sony would be more interested in Square Enix then they would be in R*.

I would have thought that during the PS2 days, but it seems like all the work securing exclusives or timed exclusives for the PS3 are mostly for games/genres that sell well in America.


Sony already have the several great games exclsuive from Square that's why. They have FFXIII, Versus XIII as well as a many Square Enix games for the PSP exclusive. Microsoft have nothing from SE, nothing of any worth anyway. Last Remnant is going to sell on the PS3 in Japan, not so much on the 360.

Square Enix are always going to favor Sony over Microsoft with their games and that shows. If Sony secured Square Enix, then they would not have to worry about the Japan user base any more, total. The US user base is an open market and like a lot more variety of games, so securing it is a much harder task.