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Honestly for those who thought I took some unimaginable heat for sharing this rumor here. That has absolutely not been the case. I posted responsibly. I clarified my position on this rumor. I posted the rumor for entertainment purposes only. The ones who behaved irresponsibly were not the members of this community either. They posted responsibly, and understood the post for what it was. One of those crazy things you read in the dark corners of the internet.

The ones who behaved irresponsibly were those that took this post embellished it to make it sound somewhat reasonable, and plastered it on their sites to get hits. This was not news worthy until it was a slow news day. Then they all decided to run with it. I think Sessler said it best the rumor was not the problem. The problem was the media running with it in an irresponsible manner.

Had any one of these media outlets bothered to even contact me, or hell contact a member of this sites management they would have known in short order what I thought of the rumor had they bothered to ask. Which none of them did or has done since I posted this. How am I at fault for shitty journalism. I am not, and nobody has held me accountable for that.

The sad irony is that we cannot discuss rumors we hear or read somewhere else without incompetent websites deciding that all rumors are the gospel truth worthy of repeating without first looking into it themselves as if we have the resources to do this for them. A few days ago I actually heard a decent rumor about NCsoft having suspended all PS3 games development. I thought at the time hey this was something really interesting to talk about since this was one of the few bright spots for Sony last year. Then I thought what will happen if this all repeats itself.

Talking about an interesting rumor you heard is all kinds of fun, because then we can talk in the hypothetical. Posters start running through scenarios, and someone invariably drops knowledge on everyone. However I have to ask is it worth it if incompetent journalists try to substitute that for actual news. Then something good becomes a god damned menace.