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Welcome to the VGChartz Playstation Trophy League!

The trophy league provides a detailed view of the trophy information and progress of other VGChartz members. It’s also a spot where anyone can come to discuss any and all things trophy related.

To Join:
The trophy league is intended for active members of the VGChartz community. To join, you must have 100 or more forum posts and have been a member of VGChartz for more than one month.

1. Send me a PM with your PSN ID.

Your trophy information will be added to the leaderboards in the next update.

Trophy league members are ranked in the trophy leaderboard based on a trophy points system. Under the points system, each trophy type is worth a certain number of points. Here’s the breakdown:

    * bronze trophies = 1pts
    * silver trophies = 2 pts
    * gold trophies = 6 pts
    * platinum trophies = 12pts

These are the same values that PSN assigns each trophy when determining a player’s gamer level, trophy progress in a game, and the trophy capacity per game.

Members are ranked in the platinum leaderboard based on a platinum points system. Each game has been assigned a difficulty rating out of five stars. The difficulty rating for each game is determined by a review of general impressions from a number of sources (including feedback posted in this thread) on how difficult it is to achieve the platinum trophy. The difficult ratings are added up for each game a member has earned a platinum for to determine the number of platinum points they have. For example, if you have earned three platinum trophies, Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune (**), Killzone 2 (****), and inFamous (**), you would have 8 platinum points (2 4 2).

Cheating is not tolerated in the trophy league. Cheating includes trophy glitching and account sharing. If you are caught cheating, you will be removed from the league.

If you discover that another person has been cheating, please report it.

Seasonal Leaderboards:

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June 12th, 2018

VGChartz Trophy League - 2018 Season

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VGChartz Platinum Leaderboard

Platinum Leaderboard 2018

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