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sieanr said: Why would developers release their games sooner if it sold more? Deciding when games launch is a combination of when they are finished and what time of year is earmarked for launch. It's not as simple as rushing a product to market because of a pickup in hardware sales. And there's no way in hell that PS3 will be anywhere near 6mil by march
You can't tell me that a lot of developers aren't holding the game until there are more consoles. Look at all these games that have been held back. I would assume that most were at first held back because it's a lot harder to develop for than a lot of developers thought, but when a lot of games that cost a lot of money to make (don't forget how a developer said that they have to sell 500K copies to make a profit), you have to think about why they are pushing them back. With a measly 150K for the U.S. and 80K for Japan, it was nearly impossible for the developers to earn much money. So, with games like Sonic and Oblivion, they are probably pushed back a little to make up for not completing the game, but they get pushed back even more so there are more prospective buyers. The time that a game makes the largest amount of sales is when it launches, so developers want a lot of consoles to be released, so they can earn a lot of money. And doesn't the large amount of PS3 games around March make you think that the Euro launch is going to get a lot of great games is more than just a coincidence?