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Gnizmo said:
heruamon said:
Sansui said:
Whether true or not, no one will care.

Just like people are already ripping on Warhammer Online for "copying" World of Warcraft's style.... when World of Warcraft copied Warhammer's style to begin with.

How did WoW copy Warhammer's style?


 WoW did not copy Warhammers style at allreally. What it did do was take Warcraft and pu it into an MMO form. Warcraft was originally going to be a Warhammer game, but the owners of Warhammer backed out before release and Blizzard simply renamed everything and pushed forward. So Warcraft is essentially a huge rip off of Warhammer.

So, Warhammer has titans and demons?  See...once again, HOW are they similiar...lore?  classes? I'm not asking for the histroy...I know that, I'm asking about technically, how are the 2 the same?  What's in WoW, that you see and it's like...that's STRAIGHT from Warhammer?  That's what I've been trying to understand for a long time now, because I see nearly nothing....and I play WoW, and I'm in WAR's beta...I'm not seeing it.


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