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BoleroOfFire said:
Skeeuk said:
i cant stand mii`s there rubbish, i mean what do they do?

i disagree with heru, psn is a better and more stable service and free

Hmm...let's can create and customize your Mii in order to represent you or others and use it in Wii series games and other first-party games such as Mario Party 8, Mario Kart Wii, Mario and Sonic at the Olympics etc.  In Wii Fit, its body even reflects the weight of your body as determined by the Balance Board. 

And you get the satisfaction of beating your opponent with yourself as opposed to say Yoshi. 


While your cause is a noble one it is simply best to just do what everyone else did when they read his post. Aka scroll past.


Ahem on a more on topic note...Yeah I like totally believe them. Obviously their is no possible way they could be lying. Yep.


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