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|_emmiwinks said:
ItsaMii said:
Hardcore gaming is the cancer and Wii Music is the cure.

With out us Hard Core gamers, your precious Wii wouldnt exist, or do you think casual gaming got the SNES and NES where it ended up?. So you should be worshipping the ground we walk on. Or in other words stop talking like you know something. Period.

OT: I have stated my views of this toy, I need not repeat myself.

Haha, this is just too good, seriously...

Impulsivity said:
This game will sell 5 million copies minimum. The Wii audience is not picky, carnivale games sold over 2 million (and counting). If you are hoping for this to flop keep dreaming, this is the future of Nintendo. Did you not get the hint when they kept talking about soccer moms buying DSes because they were featured on the View or something? 

I really really hate to see games like Wii Music, my poniez, imagine babiez and all the rest on the shelves since I need a shovel just to get past the DS and Wii displays at the gamestop near my house, but never the less that is the future Nintendo has picked out for gaming. If you could make crap games that are dirt cheap to develop and sell 5 million copies wouldn't you? Nintendo isn't making money by the boatload by developing long lead time zelda type games after all.

I don't see how you can throw Nintendo's "casual" games in with the rest of its imitators.  Do you really think it's that easy to make a Brain Age, Nintendogs or Wii Fit that ends up selling 10mil+ copies?  If so, why has Nintendo been making far more traditional games?  Oh, and of course - why can't any other company pull this off?  The fact is, these aren't "crap" games, at least, not the ones coming from Nintendo.  It's all from the same stroke of genius that brought you Super Mario Bros.  Just because you don't like it (I personally never liked SMB1), doesn't mean it's a "crap game" that is "dirt cheap" to develop.

Anyway, as gaming becomes more popular, there will be more and more games you dislike on the shelves.  That's just how it works - do you bitch about how you have to wade through the crap in Blockbuster to find the movies you like?  The games you enjoy will not vanish, it will just shift away from being the main focus.