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Squilliam said:
Honestly, both Wii Music and Wii Sports Resort have pretty much missed the mark in terms of any target audience.

The problem with Wii Sports Resort is that its not fun to anyone. I couldn't see anyone I know who games/doesn't game currently who would actually want to play it for more than 5 minutes. Give us Wii Sports 2 with network play and slightly deeper controls tweaked for motion+ instead! Give us our Halo 2 with network play and take it to the next level.

The problem with Wii Music is that it will never be truely engaging on the same level as Guitar Hero/Rock Band unless they involve the senses. Since they cannot replicate the feel of a guitar then perhaps they should have replicated the look. Including Stereoscopic (3d) Glasses and designed the game so the instruments like the drums come out to you could easily replace the kinesthetic feel of the drums and at a lower cost too. That would make the game engaging rather than making you feel like you're waving your arms at a distant image from the TV.


 wii sports resort is wii sports 2. and the whole thing is biult about wii motion plus! it come packaged with the game.  network play but would a nice add on but not something i see being regularly used.


as for wii music, no i wont say it looks like a great game but neither is it like guitar hero. its more of a tool to creat and mix your own songs, probably with games thrown in. kinda like wii fit which was a tool to lose weight with some games thrown in. now i thought wii fit was gnna be crap but it ended up being pretty damm good (80 on metacritic) so i will reserve judgement on wii music. Im pesemistic tho

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