DMeisterJ said:
ecurbj said:
^^That's what you believe....haha

The iPhone is soooooo overrated. It's nice to have a phone with touch screen capabilities, but its not that good of a phone really.

Verizon actually has better phones, especially awesome deals with LG...

When I think of AT&T, I think Motorola that's it. Cingular was famous for introducing the Razr line-up other than that. It's service has absolutely nothing over Verizon.

Other than having the least dropped calls? 

You sound like a true Verizon lover


You still believe that slogan?! lol keep hiding behind it...ever since Cingular merged with AT&T they have had the most dropped calls. Try Christiana Hospital...Verizon is dominate around the Stanton, Delaware area. AT&T sometimes at least 1 or 2 bars around that

Verizon, yes. I will admit I love Verizon. They are taking over the U.S.

I'm getting FiOS installed this coming Moday. So Verizon for the win. I just need to get out of T-Mobile..I might just stick with it...who knows..