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crumas2 said:
Phrancheyez said:
Ok, maybe I worded it kind of bad. I don't mean rushed the interface, I mean rushed their product in general. The 360 is a prime example of this, and almost every version of windows, including the newest, has thousands of problems. The only good one was Windows 2000 Professional - at least in my opinion. I guess XP wasn't horrible..but their software has always lacked in my perception.

I try not to compare their console OS business to their Windows OS business.  They have separate development teams and have attempted to keep their console OS simple and bullet-proof with good results so far.

Now, if you want to talk about rushed console hardware, then I'm definitely with you on that one.   To be honest, though I think they've probably learned their lesson with RROD, scratched discs, bad DVD drives, etc. this generation.  I'm guessing if they *do* relaunch next month that it will be a lot more planned out and solid.  This would be a refresh of the same console line, not a new line, after all.


wel i remember the last xbox had dvd drives that wouldnt open faulty hardrives and such and infact xbox live still costs and the butter wasnt worth the bread if you understand that horrid metaphor lolz