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DMeisterJ said:

Free games?  This is M$ we're talkin' bout.

Assassin's Creed 2 exclusive when the first sold well on the PS3?

Sounds more like a fanboy wet dream rather than a reality.

Though if this is true it would be awesome. Might actually touch the XBOX...

For now, definitely in the most likely untrue rumour pile.

- Yeah, MS released free things before. Mostly DLC of some kind, a way to celebrate new things. If they want to mark that NXE (New Xbox Experience) so why not some free giveaways. They have the owner rights to some Xbox 1 games so why not release them for free? Cheap and good give away for them.

- AC 2 won't be exclusive, but maybe time exclusive. Woudn't suprise me, both MS and Sony likes to pay for that these days. Mirror Edge for PS3, Rock Band 2 for 360 and so on. So if AC 2, which is a big title, as been bought time exclusive for 360 it won't be a suprise.

As the poster said, it is a rumour. Most upcoming big things from MS has in some way been leaked before so why not this time also? FF XIII grab is like the only big thing from MS that wasen't leaked before the release.

My big thanks to the Dodece, I love rumours. If he's right he can be glad to be the first that told us and say, "I told u so" - If not, who cares?

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