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PDF said:

Get over the whole "they copied us thing" its old and tired. If a company comes up with a good idea I excpect the other companies to follow suite. It would be dumb not too. Its not like MS hasnt ever copied a company. Just about every company has. The PSN is about = to XBL and it took sony less than 5 yrs to do it.

I also read you sig on why you hate sony and its lame. Ninty shouldnt of ever dropped Sony, lesson learned.

Do you know the details behind that deal?  Nintendo didn't find the deal favorable, so they had to drop out - it's hard to speculate how things would have turned out otherwise, but "lesson learned?"  The DS and Wii have shown Nintendo anything but them needing Sony.  They made plenty of mistakes of course, but staying away from Sony was not one of them.

As for the copying issue, I agree, however I still give the innovators more credit for what they do.  If a company copying another ended up making more money than the original, it doesn't feel right, like it's plagiarism or something.  Innovation needs to be rewarded somehow.  In this case, I don't think less of Sony, but do give props to MS for what they've brought to consoles.