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Dark Jedi said: One million in Europe in March? Not even in your dreams. It hasn't sold 1m in the US in two christmas months and you believe Sony is gonna sell 1 million in Europe, IN MARCH? Sounds quite funny. And it is not 1.5m so far, just 1.2m. 3-3,5m might be possible. More than that is utopic.
If they send 1 million they will sell one million . UK can absorb easily 300 000 consoles ,France and Germany 200 000 each and Italy and Spain 150 000 each .That is totally feasible for those markets .And if somehow they couldnt or shipments were smaller in those theres still Holland ,Portugal ,Austria ,Swizterland (part of Europe altought outside the UE ) ,Norway ,Sweden ,Denmark ,Greece .... The only question is if they will have that amount of consoles manufactured .