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Dark Jedi said: One million in Europe in March? Not even in your dreams. It hasn't sold 1m in the US in two christmas months and you believe Sony is gonna sell 1 million in Europe, IN MARCH? Sounds quite funny. And it is not 1.5m so far, just 1.2m. 3-3,5m might be possible. More than that is utopic.
Did you know recently Europe has purchased more PS2s than the US in total? They purchased over 40 million this last fall. Sony is actually bigger there than in the US. *If* Sony had supplies available at launch it would have been completely sold out everywhere. Since they have improved production they can likely make more consoles available at launch for Europe. I'd say they can make 1 million available at launch easily, and with a great list of titles coming out just before European launch, a new firmware update to improve XMB, and some other cool toys, such as an HD camera available as well. European launch has a lot of advantages the US launch didn't. How is it not 1.5? You can't know. All you know is what NPD reported thru December 26th. Which was 690k + 540k in Japan as of January 7th. That's 1.23 mil, but also does not include 3 weeks of US sales... Point is, none of know at this point really. Europe is Sonys territory, and they still have a lot of support there. Let's not make a conclusion till we see the launch in March.