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crumas2 said:
Phrancheyez said:
Ok, maybe I worded it kind of bad. I don't mean rushed the interface, I mean rushed their product in general. The 360 is a prime example of this, and almost every version of windows, including the newest, has thousands of problems. The only good one was Windows 2000 Professional - at least in my opinion. I guess XP wasn't horrible..but their software has always lacked in my perception.

I try not to compare their console OS business to their Windows OS business.  They have separate development teams and have attempted to keep their console OS simple and bullet-proof with good results so far.

Now, if you want to talk about rushed console hardware, then I'm definitely with you on that one.   To be honest, though I think they've probably learned their lesson with RROD, scratched discs, bad DVD drives, etc. this generation.  I'm guessing if they *do* relaunch next month that it will be a lot more planned out and solid.  This would be a refresh of the same console line, not a new line, after all.



 Good point.  Like I said - I really do hope it goes smoothly, because I use my 360 quite a bit.  And I guess you could attribute the rush in the console hardware to trying to get a leg up on Sony, and who wouldn't want to?  Had both of these consoles launched at the same time, this would be a whole different story.  If you look at it now, they have just as much - if not more - time as Sony to work on their next console.  One can only imagine they did learn from their mistake and that the next should be much more reliable.  However, I still see Sony having the advantage if the next generation of consoles launch simultaniously, I don't see it as nearly a big a gap as if the 360 and PS3 had launched simultaniously.